This Chief ministry conducts Training Programmes on following Subjects for the Public Servant s with the objective of enhancing the knowledge & skills of them.

01) Adult/Child and Patient care training Program by the chief Ministry, cource will offered free of charge

02) Life guard and pool attendant training program




  1.       Applicant should be at the age of 18-28.


  1.       Those who successfully completed the training program have huge potential to secure a job locally and internationally as life safeguards and pool attendants.


  1.       Duly completed applicants should be sent to secretary, chief ministry, North Central Province on or before 06.04.2015. ‘Life safeguard and Pool attendant Training’ should be written on the top left hand corner of the envelop.


  1.       All candidates should have an interview and medical test. Then have a practical test to have ensure the swimming ability of the candidates. Those who successfully get through the above couple of tests should have the chance to be selected to the training program.


  1.       The training program is free of charge. But the candidates should arrange the meals and accommodation by him/herself.




02. Tourism Guide Training