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Latest News

Chief Ministry Housed in New Place

The Office of Chief Ministry has been shifted to 4th floor. New Provincial Building complex. Mithreepala Senanayaka Mawatha. Anuradhapura. from 28.10.2012. 

Latest News

The Second Ranbima Arunalu Mobile Service – 2013

The Mobile Service, a brain child of Chief Minister NCP Council Hon S.M. Rangith Samarkoon, The Successful second consecutive phase of the year will be commenced on 25th of August 2013 in and around Lankapura, Dimbulagala and Welikanda divisional secretariats.  

The ultimate aim of the programme is to give maximum benefits to the rural community in several ways.


Sri Dalada Perahera Festival – Anuradhapura
The first capital, Anuradhapura proudly organized the colorful traditional event Sri Dalada perahera - 2014 for the 18 consecutive year in this time under the direct guidance and inspection of new chief minister of NCP  Hon.S.M.Ranjith Samarakoon, will be street on 11th and 12st of this month.







Creating a generation full of Prosperity. 



Our mission is to Perform services, dutifully, reasonably , efficiently and cordially to the people through the direction of resources and institutions of the Chief Ministry according to a systematic plan in keeping with the Provincial Government policies for a long lasting development with a view to subscribing to the development of the North Central Province.



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